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I can only print one page at a time from a Dawsonera ebook. Is this normal?

Last Updated: Oct 10, 2013  |  519 Views
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Printing one page at a time may not be normal for all ebook suppliers, but it is with Dawsonera. With Dawsonera ebooks:

  • You can only print one page at a time.
  • You can search within the full-text and annotate and bookmark pages.
  • If you choose  ‘Read Online’, you will need to be connected to the Internet while you read.
  • You will be able to copy 5% - 10% of text and print  5% - 20%. but you can only print one page at a time.
  • If you choose  ‘Download’, you can download for 1 to 7 days.

You will need an Internet connection while you find and download the books. Once downloaded, you can read the book offline, but it is not possible to print from the copy saved to your computer or tablet. After the downloaded copy has expired, you can download the book again - - like borrowing a book again from a library.

You cannot download on an iPad but you can read with Adobe (Safari browser preferred).

For more information about ebooks and ebook providers, go the the Ebooks LibGuide.

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