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While we cannot recommend specific journal titles for you to subscribe to (there may be many that are useful), we can offer help in finding out what is out there, and how to evaluate their content. We have a range of online guides focused on many different aspects of finding and accessing educational resources, including books.

Of particular interest might be:

International Education:

It's crucial that you evaluate your sources so that you are sure you are using credible sources.  Some helpful ideas here: Finally, you are probably aware that many NGOs have their own newsletters e.g. World Bank, British Council etc.  You don't mention in your email whether your own organisation has any kind of library or information service, but it would be certainly worth finding out as they would be ideally placed to help you.

You may remember from your time as a student that Google Scholar can be a useful resource too  as your search results will be from the academic domain .  A general search for example throws up a couple of titles that might be worth looking e.g. Journal of International Development and Journal of International Education. 

The only problem with journals that require subscription is that although you'll find references to articles, you'll often find you cannot access the full text unless you are member of staff or student at a university or similar, although your organization may well subscribe to key resources in your area.

As an alumnus of the Institute of Education, you are welcome to join the IOE library which would give you on-site access to the full range of journals that we subscribe too, though this doesn't give you remote access.  For details relating to membership of the library see here:

And finally - if you sign up to the UCL Alumni community - you can see that among other benefits you do get access to some electronic journals though it won't be everything that the IOE subscribes to - to contact them with any questions about membership

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